Nyx Tracker Changes

Gen 4

The design changes to the final major revision of the Nyx Tracker are minimal compared to the changes in Gen3.

  • A low voltage indicator is now featured: a blue LED is activated at 3V to let the user know that the batteries should be replaced. 
  • Hinge upgrade: the hinge is specially designed for the Nyx Tracker and is much stiffer than previous generations, aiding stability significantly.
  • The laser colinearity with the alignment axis of the tracker has been improved, and is now guaranteed to be accurate within 1/4 degree (previously was 1/2 degree). 


Gen 3

Though the fundamental design remains the same, the Gen3 Nyx Tracker is a significant upgrade over Gen2.

Nyx Tracker 2nd Generation vs 3rd Generation
    • Size: overall volume has been reduced by ~25%
    • Ballhead: upgraded to be able to hold heavier cameras
    • Tracking rates: lunar and starscape modes added
    • Weight: reduced ~50%
    • Periodic error: reduced ~25%
    • Finish: now features a durable lacquer finish


Nyx Tracker features