Nyx Tech began with my frustration over a lack of affordable star tracking options. I knew what I wanted - a compact, user friendly, competitively performing tracking mount that didn't cost a student loan payment. Finding that this didn't exist, I set out to make my own.

After perusing barn door tracker designs on the internet, I kluged together a tracker that became the first ancestor of the Nyx Tracker. After a year I built a much-improved version. I made 10 extra and sold them at cost to Redditors on the r/astrophotography reddit because I enjoy making and sharing things. The magnitude of the positive reception was entirely unexpected! Seeing a need for this product in the community, I decided to build more. Years later, the Nyx Tracker is in its 5th generation.

Today, Nyx Tech is a team of a few individuals who work weekends and nights to put the stars in your hands.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to lower the cost of entry, both in price and difficulty, to enjoying the cosmic beauty of our universe. Nyx Tech will always be a labor of love by space enthusiasts, for space enthusiasts.


Clear Skies!!



Nyx Tracker barn door tracker evolution