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Nyx Tracker with the Default Ballhead
Nyx Tracker size - fits in the palm of your hand
Nyx Tracker
Nyx Tracker
Nyx Tracker laser polar alignment
Nyx Tracker with no Ballhead
Nyx Tracker side view - with Upgraded Ballhead option
Nyx Tracker

NOTE: We no longer offer the premium ballhead option. However, the same ballhead can be purchased separately under different branding - just select the "no ballhead" Nyx Tracker option when adding to your cart!


The Nyx Tracker is a compact star tracking mount that is built on sound engineering and a passion for the cosmos, intended to reduce the cost of entry to tracked astrophotography.

With the signature alignment laser the Nyx Tracker is intuitive and quick to set up - set it and forget it while you enjoy your binoculars or warm up inside.

Once pointed at the earth's celestial pole, the motorized mount will precisely follow the stars so that long exposures can be made without star trails. This is how brilliant night sky images are usually made. Additional motor speed settings allow for lunar tracking and starscape imaging (intentionally creating star trails).

The Nyx Tracker requires no previous knowledge of astrophotography. Only a camera, a tripod, and a learning attitude. Check out the Tutorials page for videos, tips, and other info! 

 [ Download the user manual here ]


  • Dimensions (without ballhead): 170 x 90 x 25 mm (6.7 x 3.5 x 1.0 in)
  • Weight: 400g (0.9 lbs)
  • Max recommended camera weight: 2.3 kg (5 lbs) if properly balanced
  • Recommended focal length: <50mm for beginners, <100 mm for experts
  • Periodic error: 115 arcseconds
  • Battery life: 12+ hrs at room temperature
  • Alignment method: green laser +/- 0.2°. The functional temperature range of the laser is 30F (~0C) - 100F (~40C). If using the Nyx Tracker in extreme cold, at a star party, or near an airport where the laser cannot be used, the Nyx Finderscope can be purchased separately. 
  • Motor: stepper, accurate to 0.25% of earth's rotation speed
  • Drive mechanism: low-friction threaded rod
  • Maximum exposure time: 2 hrs until manual reset of drive rod required
  • Northern / southern hemisphere toggle switch
  • Speed settings:
    • Star tracking mode (standard)
    • Lunar mode (useful for eclipses)
  • Made of nature's oldest composite material, wood. The high quality birch features a durable lacquer finish


This is the 5th generation Nyx Tracker.

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