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Nyx Tech

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Special Discount Products
Special Discount Products

This listing is for cosmetic defects, refurbished units, and older generation trackers at a discounted price. What you see is what you get. Click on the options to see what is available. Details are below.

Refurbished Gen2 Nyx Tracker

  • Fully functional, lacquered Gen2 Nyx Tracker that has been lightly used.

Cosmetic Defect Gen3 Nyx Tracker

  • Fully functional unit with 3 quirks:
    1. The North-South hemisphere switch is flipped. So you must select "S" if you're in the north, and "N" if you're in the south. 
    2. The top wood piece was cut incorrectly, and had to be modified near the switches after lacquering. This is clearly visible in the image.
    3. Some lacquer in spots did not adhere well. Only visible when inspecting closely. Purely cosmetic. 

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